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11/21/2014 12:08 PM

Located in the Old Keystone Lamp Factory

(Flea market and antique mall does not occupy entire factory building)

" Flea Market" , "Antique Mall" with "Two Monthly Auctions"
Over 225 Indoor and over 50 Outdoor  Vendor Spaces

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Two Auctions this weekend,.. November 22nd and 23rd,...
Saturday 12:00 noon, Public auction in the main auction House
Sunday  11:00 am, The Bid Board Auction 

Over 220 Spaces of vendors of all types open now with many more to come...
Flea Market, Antiques, Collectibles, Crafts, Produce Farmers Market, in one huge 100,000 sq.ft. warehouse

All beneath one roof of the old Keystone Lamp Factory  235,000 sq.ft. building (6 acres under one roof )..
Now Adding more spaces,....
ur plans are to offer an older 1950's style Bus station theme with Bus memorabilia everywhere ..
We have already doubled from the original size and are expanding now for this year..
Located in the 1/4 mile long Old
Keystone Lamp Factory

Click on images to go to Picture Gallery

Gallery of more Vendors 

Flea Market Picture Gallery..

Older Steel Ice Box

Room 1 Antiques, Floor Plan Lay Out 



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In the Back half of the factory building,...

For the last 12 years Large Parts of the factory is the location of a Custom Bus Builder 

for more information click on links below

Images of Construction in the Factory

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